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Pick up from accommodation or arrival point.

We will pick you up from your accommodation or arrival point if travelling on the same day or join you if you wish to provide your own transport.

The countryside is littered with fascinating prehistoric sites and although visits to Stonehenge and Avebury should be on everyone’s bucket list their story is not complete without exploring the surrounding areas. A full day’s tour can include a traditional pub lunch or an equally traditional picnic if weather permits and will take in both halves of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Half days are also possible and will focus on the archaeology of either the Avebury  region or the Stonehenge region.

On this page we have suggested a few itineraries but we will always tailor each tour to include the sights you want at an appropriate pace. We can include as much or as little walking as you would like as most of our preferred sites are within easy reach of the road. Wet weather tours are just as feasible. We can also include some time in one of  wonderful museums if you would like to see some of the remains, artefacts and treasures that have been recovered from many of the sites we visit.

Please see below for some suggestions but remember we will always personalise your tour. So please get in touch and we can go from there.

For more inspiration please visit Oldbury Tours’ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/oldburytours where I have written up some of our tours. The posts from June 20 2016, November 10 2016 and March 21 2017 are particularly relevant.

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At West Kennet Avenue

The Avebury landscape looking east

Approaching the Avebury Landscape from the west.

A half day archaeology tour around the  Stonehenge landscape

Although we will of course go to Stonehenge itself this tour can also involve some good walking across the less visited areas in the National Trust landscape. We can also do the entire tour in the car and courtesy bus if you would like or if the weather is bad. Whatever the weather we will spend some time in the new visitor centre with its modern and very accessible museum where there is also a cafe and shop.

To really appreciate the scale of the landscape around Stonehenge it works very well to start at the car park at Durrington Walls and Woodhenge. From here we walk across the Cuckoo Stone field, a beautiful meadow now but the site of numerous archaeological discoveries dating from the early Neolithic right through until the Roman era. We follow the line of the disused military light railway through gorgeous countryside up on to King Barrow Ridge. Here we can visit the Cursus and any number of Bronze Age barrows before following the course of the Avenue down to Stonehenge. From there we take the land train to the visitor centre before being picked up and taken back to the car.

Calm evening light on Stonehenge

Evening light at Stonehenge

A half day archaeology tour around the  Avebury landscape

This half day tour takes in as many as you would like of the numerous sites in the northern half of the World Heritage Site. It inevitably involves some time in the henge and stone circles of Avebury itself but we also visit Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow and the West Kennet Avenue. We can add The Sanctuary, Overton Hill and Lockeridge Dene by car and Windmill Hill on foot although if the track is in decent condition I can get us pretty close  by car. The Alexander Keiller Museum in Avebury is also very much worth a visit and can be included in a half day tour as can The Circles Café.

A photograph opportunity at Avebury

At Stone 1, Avebury: The Devil’s Chair

Full day wet weather/less able tour:

We have listed below the sites we could take in if the weather wasn’t good on your designated tour day. As you can see we can still visit most of the sites in the World Heritage Site and can easily create a full day’s itinerary. We probably wouldn’t include all 3 museums in one day however although if you can’t get enough and want to see everything they have to offer this would be possible too. The order below is based on a morning departure from Calne where Oldbury Tours is based.

Windmill Hill viewpoint on A4

West Kennet Long Barrow Car Park

Drive West Kennet Avenue and stop on road.

Avebury Red Lion Car Park for view of Avebury henge and stone circle

Alexander Keiller Museum

Silbury Hill viewing area

The Sanctuary (a very short walk from car park on Overton Hill)

Overton Hill Barrow Group (viewable from car park)

East Kennet Long Barrow

Lockeridge Dene sarsen field

Adam’s Grave (viewable from car park)

Knap Hill (viewable from car park)


Lunch in Marden

Avon Valley

Durrington Walls


Stonehenge via visitor centre

Devizes Heritage Museum

Salisbury Museum

Bronze Age round barrows in early morning sunshine

Overton Hill Bronze Age Burial Mounds

A pastoral scene at Adam's Grave

Adam ‘s grave on Walker’s Hill

Outside Circles Cafe, in Avebury

At The Circles Café, Avebury

A 15 mile hike around the Avebury region

We start at Windmill Hill and head down into Avebury. Having had a good look around the henge and stone circles we follow the Herepath east and up on to The Ridgeway. We follow The Ridgeway for a short distance before heading onto Fyfield Down with its  amazing but slightly eerie spread of sarsen stones including the fascinating ‘Polissoir’, a stone used during the Neolithic (new or late stone-age) for polishing and sharpening stone axes. We then cross some beautiful down land and head towards the Devil’s Den, the remains of an early Neolithic chambered long barrow which nevertheless bares a striking resemblance to the Portal Dolmen type of structure more usually associated with Wales, especially Pembrokeshire and Anglesey. From there we head down to Clatford, site of a no longer visible but recorded ancient stone circle before crossing then following the delightful [easy_wiki]River Kennet[/easy_wiki] into Lockeridge for lunch at ‘The Who’d a Thought It’ a wonderful traditional English pub. After lunch we follow country lanes along the Kennet valley then head off onto footpaths past the recently discovered site of the enormous West Kennet Palisaded Enclosures and on to West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill and the source of the river Kennet at Swallowhead Springs. Finally we head back in to Avebury for a well-deserved drink in ‘The Circles’ cafe or the Red Lion Pub. Lots to see, lots to talk about and a really good hike through stunning countryside.

At the Devil's Den near Avebury

At The Devil’s Den – the remains of a Neolithic Long Barrow on the Marlborough Downs