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Welcome to Oldbury Tours. This site contains everything you need for your Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours. You are on our home page so do please keep reading. However you can also see suggested itineraries by clicking here and descriptions of recent tours by clicking here. Click on read more to learn even more about what we offer and about Laurence our guide. The county of Wiltshire is a very, very special place. Its wonderful countryside is full of globally important prehistoric monuments and much more besides. We look forward to showing you around…

Welcome to Oldbury Tours.

Stonehenge Private Guided Tours - at Avebury with Oldbury Tours

At Avebury in the February snow with a group of ladies from Oklahoma

Stonehenge private guided tours - Laurence of Oldbury Tours at Stonehenge with two clients in 2014

Laurence at Stonehenge in between Robert and Martin from New York

“Fascinating, educational and fun…highly recommended!”

Ancient sites

Stonehenge and Avebury are the UK’s best known ancient sites. With Oldbury Tours your visit to these fascinating places will be truly memorable. Please join us on one of our Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours so that we can share our passion for the stunning Wiltshire countryside and its intriguing ruins. Tours can include Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Woodhenge and Durrington Walls and of course Avebury and Stonehenge. Our local knowledge and archaeological enthusiasm is invaluable for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the past. Scroll down this page for some tour descriptions or for some tour itineraries click here.

Know who you are getting

Your guide for the day will be Laurence the owner of the company and the guide on all the reviewed tours you may have read.

Car or minibus depending on group size

We provide options for individual travelers, small groups and families of up to seven in our car. Larger groups of up to 16 will be driven by minibus.

Local accommodation

We do recommend that you stay within the local area in order that you can gain the most from your day. Our door to door service means that you will be picked up from your local accommodation or arrival point (airport/train station) and returned to the place of your choice within the area. Please see our accommodation page for some excellent choices of pubs, hotels, B&Bs and even Shepherd’s Huts.

Transport from London

However if you are staying in London we can arrange transport by car or minibus.

Additionally if you need advice on how to travel to Wiltshire by train and how to save money on train fares please email Laurence at [email protected].

Fully licensed and insured

You will be pleased to know that all of our drivers (including your guide, Laurence) are fully licensed and insured as Private Hire drivers or minibus operators.

Enquire about a tour by clicking on the orange logo button at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

Stonehenge Private Guided Tours - Laurence of Oldbury Tours at Silbury HIll

Laurence with Oldbury Tours SEAT Alhambra Lux at Silbury Hill

Comfort and convenience

Rather than jostling to take a photograph from the wrong side of a moving bus or struggling to hear your guide in a crowd you will be able to spend this special day in comfort with a personal and personable guide. Our guide Laurence (pictured above with our new luxury car at Silbury HIll) will show you around the  landscape and its extraordinary monuments. Pick up will be organised from your local accommodation or train station in our car or air-conditioned 16 seat minibus depending on the size of your group. Your day will be organised in advance to ensure we provide the tour you want stopping where and when you like.

Stonehenge Private Guided Tours - Oldbury Tours SEAT Alhambra in Calne

Parked outside the Lansdowne Strand Hotel, Calne

Hikes, car and minibus based tours

For the more energetic our Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours can include various hikes in the area as the northern part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site around Avebury is criss-crossed with by-ways and footpaths, not to mention being crossed by some major long distance routes such as The Ridgeway National Trail.

For a more leisurely day we also have three world class museums in the area that can be visited as part of a bespoke tour and of course we know all the best places to eat, drink and relax. Keep scrolling down for tour itineraries and follow the links.

Stonehenge Private guided tours - at West Kennet Long Barrow with Oldbury Tours

On top of West Kennet Long Barrow with Silbury HIll in the background


Prices for Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours start at £57 per person but because all  tours are individually designed we need to know a bit more about the day you want. Please contact us either by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 07947 488665 from UK (+44 7947 488665 if calling from abroad). Alternatively please fill in a few details regarding your particular requirements, the number of people and preferred tour length via the ‘enquire‘ button so that we can agree a price for your bespoke tour. Please see the ‘Prices’ page in the ‘Tours’ drop down menu for more information. Thank you.

Stonehenge Private guided tours - inside West Kennet Long Barrow with Oldbury Tours

Inside West Kennet Long Barrow

Wiltshire from the air.

For the adventurous we have linked up with the Wiltshire Microlight Centre. Pilot Tony Hughes can take you up in his fixed wing microlight for an aerial view of the sites we cover in the Avebury half of the UNESCO World Heritage Site either before or after we visit them on the ground. It is an exhilarating experience and in addition gives you a great overview of how the different monuments relate to each other spatially. Let us know and we will include a flight in your itinerary. Click on their logo for more information.

WMC logo IMG_2979

Globally significant collection

To compliment the wealth of prehistoric monuments in the landscape we are incredibly fortunate to have one of Europe’s finest collections of prehistoric artefacts. A forty minute visit to the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes is easily included in your tour and is extremely worthwhile.


Local Tourism Partners

Oldbury Tours is promoted and recommended by the leading local tourism bodies. We are also ambassadors for the Great West Way project which launched on 22nd November 2018. The Great West Way is England’s first designated tourist route and we are very excited to be involved in this project from the start. The aim of the project is to encourage people to enjoy the route between London and Bristol. It is a route that many tourists travel already because it contains an unparalleled selection of the best that good old England has to offer. As a result we want you to take a little more time on your journey. We are perfectly placed to help you enjoy the whole section that passes through Wiltshire from Hungerford to Bath.

Please visit our partner websites if you want to plan other activities during your stay in Wiltshire. Click on the logos to visit their websites.


Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership

Something Extra

As fully licensed private hire drivers we can take you all over the area. We often get asked to include special places not on our most regular routes. These have included the towns and cities of Glastonbury, Wells, Marlborough and Bath; Wiltshire villages including the filming locations of Lacock, Castle Carey and Corsham; the Cotswolds; Uffington White Horse and Wiltshire white horses, Old Wardour, Farleigh Hungerford and Chepstow Castles; and much else besides. We will always try to accommodate all your requests, time is our only limiting factor!

Have a look at our gallery for inspiration and then ask us what is possible!

Stonehenge Private Guided Tours - Old Wardour Castle with Oldbury Tours

Old Wardour Castle

Stonehenge Private Guided Tours - Castle Cary with Oldbury Tours

Castle Combe

Free Solstice and Equinox visits to Stonehenge.

Here is a short video we took at the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge in 2018. It was celebrated at dawn on 22nd December. On four days of the year English Heritage who own and manage the site allow ‘managed free access’ within the stone circle. It is great fun to visit on these occasions and lap up the festival atmosphere. Everyone is there for their own reasons and yours is as valid as anyone elses. The four free access days are the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Let us know and we can help you organise your visit.

Stonehenge private guided tours - Avebury Summer Solstice 2017

Celebrating sunrise at Avebury at the summer solstice 2017


I have written several tour descriptions on Oldbury Tours’ Facebook page over the past year or two. I am putting links to some interesting days here. They can all be found with my other posts at https://www.facebook.com/oldburytours but please see below for the individual, hopefully entertaining, descriptions. Clicking on the ‘Read More’ buttons will take you to each Facebook post in a new tab.

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours -Tour 10

Title: Junus – the two faced month. Main subject: A  journal of the vagaries of the English weather – an extreme June. Post date: July 4th 2019. Tour groups: Families and couples. Sites visited: Numerous including Stonehenge and the surrounding area, Avebury area, Uffington White Horse, Waylands Smithy, Littlecote House. I have always understood that the month of January was named after Janus, the two-faced Roman God. It is a good choice; one face looks back saying goodbye to the recently passed year while the other looks to the future. But June? I have never heard of Junus! READ MORE…

A misty dawn at Stonehenge

Inside the stone circle at Stonehenge for a misty dawn.

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 9

Title: Mud and glorious views Main subject: Various off-the-beaten-track routes. Post date: February 7th 2018 Tour groups: Two families, single man Sites visited: Numerous including Stonehenge and the surrounding area, Avebury area, the Polissoir, Devizes Museum, Oldbury castle. Sunday 29th however, a grey drizzly day, is one that deserves mention because it brought my first French guests: two families who were meeting at Stonehenge and then, after a couple of hours with me…READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - at West Kennet Avenue, Wiltshire with Oldbury Tours

At West Kennet Avenue

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 8

Title: Wonderful Wiltshire in terrific company Main subject: Visiting all my favourite monuments and places with different sized groups. Post date: November 11th 2017 Tour groups: Single lady, Couple, Family of three Sites visited: Numerous including Stonehenge and the surrounding area, Avebury area, vale of Pewsey, Salisbury, Marlborough, Devizes Museum, Oldbury castle, Roman mosaic. October was a quieter month for Oldbury Tours, perhaps understandably after the summer’s end, but I still managed to fit in a few special days. It is a wonderful time of year to visit England, the weather can be glorious and there are far fewer people sharing the spaces with you. The varied groups, sites visited and travel arrangements I hope demonstrate how flexible a day with Oldbury Tours can be. READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - Cherhill Down and White Horse, Wiltshire

Cherhill White Horse below Oldbury Castle, the remains of an Iron Age hilltop fort in Wiltshire, UK

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 7

Title: Fun for all the families….and me! Main subject: Walking to Stonehenge from Durrington Walls/Woodhenge Post date: September 7th 2017 Tour groups: Family of five, a father and son Sites visited: Numerous including Silbury Hill, the spring of the river Kennet, West Kennet Long Barrow, West Kennet Avenue, Avebury, Durrington Walls, Woodhenge and walk to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, The Magna Carta, Old Sarum I really enjoy taking people around my home county of Wiltshire, UK but there is something extra special about guiding families and this August has been all about that. On the first day of the month I had a very complete day…READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - young family at Stonehenge, Wiltshire with Oldbury Tours

At Stonehenge after a full day

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 6

Title: Water, tombs and birdsong Main subject: Pagan sites, springs, nature Post date: July 20th 2017 Tour groups: Family of four, group of four adults, two ladies Sites visited: Numerous including Bath, Silbury Hill, Avebury, the source of the Avon, Uffington White Horse, Wayland’s Smithy Long Barrow, Avebury, West Kennet Long Barrow It’s been an unusual couple of weeks for Oldbury Tours. That is to say we have included a few sites on three different tours we don’t normally visit. They are all fascinating places, however, and it has been a joy to take people to them. As you will see in this post, what links many of them is water, that crucial ingredient. Whether you are a Neolithic pioneer or a Roman invader seeking to establish a foothold in a land far from home…READ MORE...

Stonehenge private guided tours - aAlton Springhead, Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire with Oldbury Tours

At Alton Spring, source of the river Avon in Wiltshire, UK

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 5

Title: One day just ain’t long enough! Main subject: Two days around Stonehenge and Avebury Post date: June 12th 2017 Tour groups: older couple Sites visited: Numerous including Stonehenge and surrounding area, Durrington Walls, Avebury area, Devizes Museum, Marlborough. I had a terrific couple of days recently with a remarkable couple from New Mexico in the US. Both in their 70’s they were nevertheless very fit and keen to see a lot of the area by foot – the best way of course. Because of the sheer number of sites we visited…READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire in evening light with Oldbury Tours

Salisbury Cathedral in evening light

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 4

Title: Summer in early May with oldburytours.co.uk – pure poetry. Main subject: Fitting everything into a long day Post date: May 15th 2017 Tour groups: A couple Sites visited: Numerous including Stonehenge and surrounding area, Adam’s Grave Long Barrow, Knap Hill, Avebury area, West Kennet Long Barrow, Devizes Museum What a gorgeous day I had last Wednesday. I had the privilege of escorting a lovely couple from Philadelphia around my ever wonderful county of Wiltshire in the UK. Revealing a landscape filled with ancient remains and discussing what the culture and social architecture was of a prehistoric society is what Oldbury Tours is all about. READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - on top of the bank of Avebury Henge, Wiltshire with Oldbury Tours

On top of the bank of Avebury Henge.

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 3

Title: A tussocky trail through prehistory Main subject: Hiking in the Avebury area Post date: March 21st 2017 Tour groups: Single lady Sites visited: West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, The Sanctuary, Overton Hill, West Kennet Avenue, Avebury Henge and Stone Circles, The Fyfield Down Polissoir, The Devil’s Den I had a website enquiry a little over a week ago from an American lady who said she was visiting the UK for work, had plans to go to Stonehenge with some of her work colleagues, but would love to have a hike around Avebury as well. I’d been recently checking out a few new paths…READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - at the Devil's Den, Wiltshire

At the Devil’s Den, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. The remains of a Neolithic Long Barrow

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 2

Title: The Perfect Time of Year Main subject: Autumn walking Post date: Novermber 10th 2016 Tour groups: Two ladies Sites visited: The Sanctuary, The Avebury Avenues, Avebury Henge and Stone Circles, West Kennet Long Barrow, Knap Hill, Adam’s Grave, Pewsey Vale Churches, Durrington Walls, Woodhenge and Stonehenge. Maybe I will change my mind come winter and then spring but I think there is no better time to wander through our beautiful countryside than in the autumn. And yet so many tour companies stop their tours at the beginning of November. The daylight hours are less but there is still time enough to enjoy a full day. And here, I believe, is proof. READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - at the south entrance to Avebury Stone Circle with Oldbury Tours

At the south entrance, Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury and Stonehenge private guided tours – Tour 1

Title: We’ve been lucky with the weather, Arlene Main subject: Two days of great walking Post date: June 20th 2016 Tour groups: Single lady Sites visited: Marlborough, The Sanctuary, West Kennet Avenue, Avebury Henge and Stone Circles, The Polissoir, West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, Devizes Museum, Devizes, Windmill Hill, Durrington Walls, Woodhenge, Stonehenge, Salisbury Arlene is over from America for a three week ‘trip of a lifetime’. From Oregon she is used to changeable weather conditions…READ MORE…

Stonehenge private guided tours - summer lane in Avebury Village

In Avebury Village

Please enquire about one of our Avebury and Stonehenge private tours via the ‘Enquire’ button below. For more information click on ‘About’ for our story,  ‘Itineraries” for suggested itineraries or ‘Tours’ for descriptions of recent tours. Read more about Avebury here or Stonehenge here.