A half day archaeology tour around the Stonehenge landscape

Although we will of course go to Stonehenge itself this tour can also involve some good walking across the less visited areas in the National Trust landscape. We can also do the entire tour in the car and courtesy bus if you would like or if the weather is bad. Whatever the weather we will spend some time in the new visitor centre with its modern and very accessible museum where there is also a cafe and shop.

In the Stonehenge landscape

To really appreciate the scale of the landscape around Stonehenge it works very well to start at the car park for Durrington Walls and Woodhenge.

From here we walk across the Cuckoo Stone field, a beautiful meadow now but the site of numerous archaeological discoveries dating from the early Neolithic right through until the Roman era. We follow the line of the disused military light railway through gorgeous countryside up on to King Barrow Ridge. Here we can visit the Stonehenge Cursus and a series of Bronze Age burial mounds before following the course of the Stonehenge Avenue down to Stonehenge.

From Stonehenge we take the courtesy bus to the new visitor centre where there is an excellent exhibition of finds from the area. I often leave people here and retrieve the car or we can all walk back along a different route