Laurence was wonderful! From arranging private transportation from Oxford, thus avoiding difficult early morning train travel, to explaining the significance of the sites, in detail, he made everything easy. We did not know much about Stonehenge or the surrounding area, but knew that there was more to see than just the one famous site. We also wanted to avoid a large impersonal bus tour. This tour is the answer for you if you want an in depth experience of the entire area and not just Stonehenge itself. Laurence has an encyclopedic first hand knowledge of the area, from his own lifelong experience in the area, including participating in archeological digs.We cannot say enough positive about the entire day, which was second to none on our tour of southern England.


Laurence created a perfect day for my son and me. He taught us so much about the ancient sites of Stonehenge, Woodhenge, the West Kennett Longbarrow and Avebury! His passion for the subject comes through with everything he talks about. If you want a guide with lots of good information who is pleasant to chat with and very easygoing, sign up with Oldbury tours. You won't be disappointed.

Judith Sutterfield

We were on a "best friends trip of a lifetime" in England and both of us agreed that Laurence's tour was the highlight of our two weeks in the UK! Laurence was so knowledgeable and his passion was very evident! He brought the history of the area to life in a way that you just can't get from books or bus tours. We enjoyed his company and felt like we'd made a new friend when the day was over! THIS is the way to see the Stonehenge/Avebury area!

Elaine Olson