Hi Laurence, I was just wrapping up from our wonderful trip to the UK and wanted to send you some of my photos from the trip. I got some pretty ones of Stonehenge that I thought you might like to use on your site. We are still excited about the tour we took with you. It was such a treat. I put a review up on TripAdvisor for you too.

Mrs A. Seattle, US November 2019

Hi Laurence, Thanks again for the great tour. It is one of ourĀ  highlights for this year. I hope to send you some pictures next week.

Mr and Mrs H. California, US October 2019

Hi, Laurence, I realized we never sent you a picture that we thought you'd appreciate. We have so many good ones from what was a great tour! We so appreciated all the info and good sites you took us to see. I have been meaning to write a review, or let me know if there is anything we can do.

Mr and Mrs M. Oregon, US September 2019

Hello Laurence, Going through the photos of our wonderful holidays in England, we want to thank you once again for this so impressive day in and around Stonehenge. Besides the weather (impressive in its own way), it has been extremely interesting and we benefited a lot from your vivid descriptions. We wish you a wonderful rest of the summer and good luck for your digging campaign!

Family G. Winterthur, Switzerland July 2019

Hi Laurence, We wanted to thank you one more time for all you did in putting the tour together, managing the logistics, and including some extras like coffee, the Alfred the Great site, Saxon font, medieval graffiti, and - of course- pub and ale recommendations. You made our time together memorable and meaningful. I will recommend Oldbury tours to other travellers and archaeology buffs. Please keep us on the mailing list, I hope to return in a few years.

Family P. Philadelphia, US July 2019

Thank you again for a very magical day on Saturday. We are home again and so happy to have met you and have a day together. Thank you for some very special memories.

Mrs. S. and son, Minnesota, US June 2019

Hi I just want to say "Thanks so much!" for the wonderful tour and times you gave to cousin Ann and me. You certainly went above and beyond making sure that we got to go and see everything we wanted to do. Your commentaries were so welcome and the history you gave us certainly made everything more understandable and enjoyable. It was a trip of a lifetime for me and your guidance made it so memorable for me.

Ms. J. & Ms. T Niagara Falls, Canada May 2019

Hello Laurence, thank you once more for the interesting tour.

Mr and Mrs C. Wroclaw, Poland May 2019

Thank you again Laurence, for the marvelous day. Your knowledge was fantastic and your passion for the sites was obvious. Would like to explore in more depth, perhaps next time. Highly recommend!


I went on a day tour of Avebury and Stonehenge. I am both an enthusiast for early british cultures and for archeology so I was so to say a discerning visitor. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, every minute of it, because Laurence is steeped in knowledge, able to give color and insight. The van is roomy and comfy. Will actually be repeating the tour with my husband next year!