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Windmill Hill

Windmill Hill is best known for the early Neolithic causewayed enclosure which sits on its crown and for the pioneering archaeology that took place here. Causewayed enclosures are some of the earliest monuments in the British Isles being built between 3,700 and 3,400BC (Lawson 2007). This period is shortly after the time people moved on… Read more »

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury stone circle is the largest stone circle in Britain and lies ‘at the centre of one of the most remarkable concentrations of Neolithic and early Bronze Age archaeology in western Europe’ (Gillings and Pollard, 2004). ‘Awe-inspiring’ Avebury – a long, long period of construction and use Lying 25 miles from Stonehenge the earth, ditch… Read more »

Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill is the largest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe and possibly the most enigmatic of Wiltshire’s prehistoric landmarks. Inspiring the minds of poets and historians alike Silbury Hill is equally comfortable, or uncomfortable, in the realms of both folklore and archaeology.